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iPhone 6 domestic sim unlock


iPhone 6 domestic sim unlock

I have tried for the past week to unlock an iPhone 6 that I bought from the original owner, the phone is no longer on a active sprint account the phone is paid off and ready for activation on the sprint network. I have spoken to 8 representatives all giving me reasons as to why the phone can't be unlocked but then they check again and the phone meets the requirements(this is frustrating) and it can be unlocked for domestic use so they tell me to wait 48 hours then to call back to have to unlock request escalated so I call back and they tell me the phone is unlocked on their end but the phone still gives me the dreaded sim not valid so I go and chat up apple's customer support and they tell me the phone is still locked to sprint(how nice)

my last call with sprint was today and I asked if they could just send the unlock request to apple and they said no because apple doesn't unlock their phones correctly(what a bunch of lies) he then says that since the phone isn't on the network it couldn't be unlocked!!! (at&t unlocks their phones online through apple iTunes restore why can't sprint?) The first rep said the phone could be unlocked over wifi and it would take 48 hours, 48 hours came and went with no unlock in sight. can someone help with with some insight as to how I can get this phone domestically unlocked? The original owner of the phone has released this phone to me and contacted sprint to give me full access to this phone he also said they gave him an MSL code but I looked online and it's useless.

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