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imessage problems


imessage problems

When I send an imessage from my 6+, the receiver gets it from my icloud email address. When I text myself it comes from my icloud. When I respond from the icloud it goes to my number.

I have "start new conversations" set up to use my number. 

I've tried to reset the network settings and I tried a soft rest.

The problem was intermittent. Now it is permanent.

Suggestions? Does this sound like a problem with my phone or the network?


Re: imessage problems

MCHERNANDEZLOS1- Good morning. iMessage is not a sprint service and it sounds like the issue is how your phone is set up to send and receive iMessages. Please go to Settings> Messages> Send &Receive Make sure your phone number is selected under both conversation options. Please let me know if this helps. Thank you

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Re: imessage problems

I already had everything set up correctly.

It did help to know that Sprint is not the issue. I ran a few of the fix suggestions on the website, delete all my threads, and started new conversations. The problem seems to be fixed.

If I run into more issues I'll contact Apple.

Thank you for the response.

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