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suddenly my 6+ wont receive calls when in my home


suddenly my 6+ wont receive calls when in my home

I've had my 6plus for about 2 months. It has worked fine until 2 days ago. It will no longer respond to incoming calls when I'm at home. If you call the phone it rings about 3 times on the callers end then sends them to voicemail. Nothing happens on my end unless the caller leaves a msg. Then I get the voicemail notification. I seem to be able to get texts. I can make out going calls and I can use the internet with no problem. When I drive just a couple blocks from my home. The phone works fine and receives calls.. It works fine and receives calls at my job.. it receives calls every where but at my home. It has worked in my home until now. I called tec support and got a very diligent agent who tried everything under the sun to help me. He finally dwindled it down to perhaps a tower problem and advised he put in a ticket for the closest tower to my home and would get back to me in a couple days. I am very frustrated, as my cell phone is my primary phone. I read several posts that mentioned wifi calling. I have never used that service so that should not be an issue with my phone. Anyone have any solutions?.. I have tried the ##873283# while on the phone with Sprint. That actually allowed 1-call to come in but then continued to not receive any more calls.

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