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what do I need to do got get my phones working?


what do I need to do got get my phones working?

We have one unlocked iphone SE on sprint, bought from apple store with full price.

We have three iphones on RingPlus, one iphone 6, one iphone 5c and one unlocked iphone SE, which is also part of sprint network. unlocked SE was bought from apple store, paid full price, iphone 6 and 5c were bought from ebay, paid full price.

since the ringplus is closing, I have to port out those 3 lines. so I went to local sprint store to get a family shared data plan to have all 4 iphones in one plan. However, in sprint store. I was told that the three iphones from ringplus can not be used in Sprint plan. That was a total surprise since all iphones are sprint phones. after tried for one hour without scueess in sprint store, I went to cricket wireless store to try to get a family plan there. The sales associate was very nice, tried to contact with sprint to get our phones working in cricket wireless, and was told by sprint that we need to contact with RingPlus, Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile to unlock the iphones first. We spent 3 hours to call sprint and those three MNVOs back and forth, no sucess, although all phones are on sprint network and two of them are unlocked. then I went to the local boost mobile store to try my luck. After the store owner tried for one hour, and he could not get any of these 4 iphones work. So now I am now out of options with those 4 iphones. I can not believe that sprint do not even want to add new lines. I also do not understand why all of my iphones are clean and all bill was paid and none of the phones would work on any carriers including Sprint? two phones are unlocked since I paid full price in apple store. Does this mean that all of our iphones are locked by sprint including the unlocked phones from apple store?

of course, I was very upset and frustrated for the whole process. Never heard of any carriers who do not want to add new lines. This whole process is unbelievable.


so what could I do to get my iphones unlocked?

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Re: what do I need to do got get my phones working?

Usually when they are locked, they are locked by the original carrier. A phone is usually in a locked state because of a contract. However I'm not familiar with Ring Plus, so not sure how they do it.
The other issue that crops upis even when the phone is unlocked from said carrier, if the phone want purchased directly from new carrier, the IMEI information will not be in their database. As a result, the phone can't just be connected to the new network.
The problem is, normal customer service does not have the capability to add a non Sprint phone to the database so that it can be connected to the network. I say non Sprint phone because since it want purchased from Sprint, it's technically not a Sprint phone even though it may have the capability to be a Sprint phone.
Does that make sense?

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Keep in mind, like you, I am a Sprint subscriber. I am in no way employed by Sprint in any sense. I just know stuff.
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