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Device exchange without upgrade, iPhone forever


Device exchange without upgrade, iPhone forever

Is it possible to bargain my way into exchanging my old iPhone 6s for a new one even though I have iPhone Forever and should have to upgrade? I really don't want an iPhone 7 but I need a new phone as mine is getting old and slow (as all iPhones do eventually). I've been leasing for about 19 months.

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Re: Device exchange without upgrade, iPhone forever

Hey mashizz, I see you posted a similar question in this thread Not upgrading with iphone forever. It is not mandatory to upgrade your device unless it is the only option. Our repair technicians have the tools and equipment to see exactly what you are experiencing. They can also complete additional steps to diagnose and resolve the issues. Based on the diagnosis, they may send device for repair or you will need exchange it. If you don't have Total Equipment Protection (TEP), there is a $75 fee for each repair and a $350 fee for each exchange, and upgrading can also be a cheaper option. Do you have TEP? Did you visit a Repair Corporate Sprint Store? Please reply with more details via the Private Message I sent you as soon as you can.


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