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iPhone forever


iPhone forever

I have been customer for 14 years received a text eligible for a $15 loyalty credit to be applied to each line that signs up. Went to store 3 phones on account did the iPhone forever the store said yes Sprint will rebate you toward the upgrade price $15 loyalty. I get my bill and it wasn't $60 credit only $ 45 (one user wanted a Samsung phone and gets the $15 loyalty credit) I called customer service and told him all that. He said oh the iPhone forever is only $10 a month credit. So I was misinformed? He said yes he apologizes and said that has happened before. So basically after 14 years as s customer they will tell you anything at the store to upgrade really upsets me they treat a long term customer that way. I gave an old plan unlimited everything g you can't get anymore so really don't want to change although their service is crummy some places. I get LTE in the boonies but not at my home go figure ? Most of the time I am happy with them but lying about $5 more a phone line is wrong it all adds up. We have 5 phone on the account 6 soon Wondering if I should reconsider companies after 14 years ???

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