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Service sucks


Service sucks

I have been with you guys for several years and it seems like it's getting worse and worse every year. When I FaceTime no one can see me as it always shows poor connectivity on my end. I go to pismo beach and I lose service in and out over there. My phone never has 4 bars on LTE it's always at 2 or 3G or states no service and I don't even get good service at my house anymore. I pay 186 a month I shouldn't have crappy service. Metro phones have better service than us and that's ridiculous. Something has to change or I will leave 

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Re: Service sucks

Hello Tsmith254, We regret making you feel this way! Allow us the opportunity to assist you and improve your experience with us. We'd like to take a look at your area coverage, please send us your nearest cross street and ZIP code, so that we'll be able to accurately research the specific location.


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