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Sprint Store Broke My Phone


Sprint Store Broke My Phone

My phone has been searching for service constantly and will only work if I have WIFI. I decided to take it to the sprint store to get it fixed for the 3rd time (Same problem). When I was in there they told me they couldn't fix it so they sent me to another sprint store 30 minutes away. That sprint store told me to just update my phone. So I went home to update it and iTunes kept saying "The iPhone could not be updated, an unknown error occurred". So I took it back to the sprint store closest to me and they told me that they are going to have to restore it to fix it. They attempted to restore it for about 2 hours and nothing happened but my phone wont even turn on now. They are now telling me that I have to drive to an apple store (2 hours is the closest one to me) to get a new one. Has anyone else had this problem with sprint before? Because I am livid!

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