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Unlock used iPhone 7


Unlock used iPhone 7



I read on the Sprint FAQ that if I bought a used phone, I will need the former account number or full name to unlock the device. If I do not have that information, can I sign up for Sprint service and fulfill the requirements through my own account? (Even though I don't know what requirements have to be met specific to the used phone I purchased.)


And also, I have no issues with using Sprint for a while if that will allow me to have my phone unlocked but I will be overseas, is there a way to unlock it for international use temporarily until I go back? Say for 2 months?


Thank you.



Michael Lin

Sprint Social Care

Re: Unlock used iPhone 7

Thank you so much for posting. Besides that information, you'll also need the security information of the account where the device was previously active. Click here so you can learn more about our Unlocking policy.




If the device is not reported as lost/stolen or it's still active, you may be able to have it activated but to validate if the device meet the requirements to be unlock, we'll still need the info where it was previously active.



Sprint Social Care

Re: Unlock used iPhone 7

Hi Jeffery,


Are you able to assist me with my iPhone unlock request, I have paid all necessary fees associated with owning the device and previous bill.  I spoke with several people and was told each time to hold on and we get disconnected or they are putting in a request and I have to wait 48 hours for the device to be unlocked.

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