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issues with group texts


issues with group texts

having problems with group texts. Do not recieve texts from certain individuals in response to group texts. I can text back and forth with these people if it is just me 1 on 1 texts but as soon as it is a group message I do not recieve thier texts. Looking at thier phones I can see they have sent texts but I do not get them. I am on an iphone 7, others are all on an iphone of some sort as well, different versions though. Meaning all of the "problems" are not on the same version of iphone. Additionally I had a iphone 5C prior to this and had the same issues, never solved.
Link below screenshots of what the settings look like on my phone for messages.!Aokd8AgHFIO1hA-scm4bqBAiwoT6



Re: issues with group texts

Hi and thank you for reaching out! Are you using a 3rd party messaging application? If you're using the default Apple messaging App, is the bubble conversation in Messaging app displaying in blue or green? Lastly, can you please explain how your settings are? We are not able to view the image through this link. Or please try uploading it through this platform.


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